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    [Excellent Hardware Support] With the built-in speaker and 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, you can enjoy the stereo game effects, hear every sound of the game, and experience a lifelike gaming experience

    [Excellent design concept] Made of environmentally friendly and durable new materials, ergonomic handle design, comfortable to touch. Nice design and -intuitive operation. Exquisite -analog joystick and trigger, enjoy the game with the visual aesthetics in mind.

    [Premium Motion Control] The rock and roll design features a highly sensitive built-in accelerator and gyroscope, as well as responsive -analog joysticks and buttons. It offers more detailed and precise control of actions in the game, which makes the gameplay smoother. Perfect adaptation to all kinds of popular games like Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Hardcore Mecha, Dynasty Warriors, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, etc.

    [New gaming experience] 

    The introduction of the responsive touchpad enables gestures to be drawn and opens up more new ways to play. With the introduction of the vibration motor, every action and every state of your in the game can be fed back -intuitively, so that you can fully experience the charm of the game and feel the immersive course of the game;


    [Convenient Interactive Way] 

    The Share button allows you to upload your gameplay videos and pictures to social networks, stream real-time gameplay to Twitch, YouTube and dailymotion, or edit recorded gameplay videos and share them on Facebook and Twitter. The new remote playback feature lets you stream your PS4 games to a Windows PC or Mac so you can keep playing even when you are not near the TV.



    1) Thank you for choosing our product. In order to provide you with a pleasant gaming experience, please read these operating instructions and all safety information carefully to ensure safe and proper use.


    2) The instructions in this manual are based on the default settings of the device.


    3) All images, statements and text information in this guide are for reference only, the current product applies. Updates can be changed without prior notice; these updates will be prepared in a new version guide.


    4) The available functions and additional services may vary due to different devices, software or service providers.


    safety instructions


    1) Please do not store this product in a humid or warm place;


    2) Do not tap, hit, pierce, or attempt to disassemble this product to avoid unnecessary damage.


    3) If unauthorized and unskilled personnel has disassembled this product and caused damage, this product is not covered by the customer warranty.


    4) Do not charge the gamepad near fire or other heat sources.


    5) This product comes with built-in battery, please do not throw it in the trash.

    Connection and instructions for use


    1) Connect to the -PlayStation 4 console


    A. Turn on the -PlayStation 4 console, connect the controller to the console's USB port using the connected USB data cable, then press the HOME button on the controller, the LEDs will flash quickly if a single LED is constant remains bright, ie the connection is established, then disconnect the data cable, the controller is automatically connected to the console via a wireless connection.


    B. Explanation of the colored LED display of the controller: Display of the player status. Press the HOME button, the LED light bar lights up in a sequence of blue, red, green and pink, each joystick is configured as a job ID for player registration.


    C. Up to four wireless controllers can be connected to a -PlayStation 4 console at the same time.


    D. If the -PlayStation 4 controller cannot connect to the host, the maximum number of wireless devices that can be connected to the host has been exceeded. Unregister unwanted devices from the list of connected devices. Under -PlayStation 4 Host (Settings)> [Device]> [Wireless Device], select the device you want to unregister, press the OPTIONS button, and then select [Delete Device]. You can follow the instructions on the screen.


    2) Connect to the -PlayStation 3 host


    A. Connect this controller to the -PlayStation 3 console using the USB cable.


    B. When the controller is connected to the P3 console, it does not support 6-axis motion detection and vibration.


    Brief description of the key function


    1) HOME button: Short press to display the main menu and switch applications; long press to exit the application, log off / off the console and display operable -elements.


    2): Four function keys control the actions of the characters in games.


    3) D-pad: up, down, left and right, direction options.


    4) Left and right joysticks: direction of movement of the operating character and entire screen direction.


    5) "SHARE" and "OPTIONS" buttons: carry out share and option functions with -PlayStation 4; the "SHARE" button represents the "SELECT" button and the "OPTIONS" button represents the "START" button with -PlayStation 3.


    Note: The button function may vary from game to game due to different games, actual operation will prevail.


    Low power and charge indicator


    1) Low power indicator: When the controller's battery voltage is above 3.6V, the controller's LED indicator will be on permanently; when the voltage is 3.3-3.6V, the display flashes at 2.5Hz; if the voltage is lower than 3.3V, the controller is in sleep mode.


    2) Charging indicator: when the controller is connected to a -PlayStation 4 console via a wireless connection, plug a USB charging cable between the controller and the console, the controller's LED will flash slowly at a frequency of 0.5 Hz; if the controller is connected to a power adapter and not a console, the controller's orange LED would fade while charging, the LED indicator will turn off after it is fully charged.

Wireless Controller for PS4

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